Work Life - Written Submissions

My husband Ian and I are members of the KW Symphony and, after our season was cancelled due to COVID, we began learning about recording and making videos at home. The KWS has put together a few apart/together performances during this time, so many of our home practice studios have turned into recording studios. We’ve been learning a lot about software, microphones, and how to teach music lessons using Zoom.
Allene Chomyn, Kitchener

I have been working at the Provincial Offences Court for 19 years. Due to all courts being closed, I was laid off. I never thought court would close but this virus has crippled the whole world.
Anonymous, Elmira 

I would say my life during the pandemic is both the same and different. I am in a job where I can work from home. However, it has been strange trying to adjust the living room of my studio apartment to accommodate a desk and computer chair.
Lindsay Weir, Kitchener

We’re extremely lucky that we already worked from home, so our work life stayed the same.
Cynthia Dunlavy, Waterloo

Prior to being laid off I was experiencing high stress and worry for what was to come. Once laid off it was a huge relief! I no longer had to worry about people in my space who may be infected and not know they carry the virus. Again I have prior health concerns, so carriers or those infected worry me for my ability to fight off Covid-19.
Sara McTavish, Waterloo 

While in a weekly Zoom meeting with my manager, my 5-year-old son ran up to me screaming that his tooth came out! Torn between continuing my meeting with my manager (as a good employee), or stopping the blood from dripping (and potentially traumatizing my child), I chose to bring the excitement into my meeting and share the good news with my manager. She was equally excited for my son who had been waiting for this tooth to fall out for over a week.
Anonymous, New Hamburg 

Let me tell you, my coworkers have learned a lot these past few weeks about what life is like with my kids. Even in meetings, I can’t go more than five minutes without choruses of “Mommy!!” happening in the background. My personal life is out there for everyone to see right now.
Michelle Koehler, Kitchener