Submissions - The View From Here: An Artist's Perspective on COVID 19

Artists of all ages (professional or amateur) in the Region of Waterloo are invited to participate in the McDougall Cottage online exhibit entitled The View From Here: An Artist’s Perspective on COVID-19. Paint, draw, dance, photograph - tug at our heartstrings or make us laugh - the medium, format and perspective you choose are up to you. Feel free to do whatever brings you comfort at this time. For information about this project and instructions on how to submit a piece visit The View From Here: An Artist’s Perspective on COVID-19

Canada Day 2020 and 2021

Submitted by Lori Zenker

Medium: Ink & water colour pencils.Ink and watercolour pencil drawing by Elora Ontario artist, Lori Zenker. It depicts a group of diverse Canadian citizens holding a flag and wearing masks during the first year of the pandemic to celebrate Canada Day 2020.


I’ve been doing a lot of drawing through this pandemic, and thought I’d send these two pictures I drew for Canada Day 2020 and 2021.


The 2020 picture depicts us just getting used to wearing masks in Canada. The 2021 picture, titled “Oh, Canada” shows the hard times Canadians have been through, with many of the medical and essential workers holding it together. And in the forefront, the pain of the Indigenous residential school children.




Ink and watercolour pencil drawing by Elmira, Ontario artist Lori Zenker. The drawing depicts her view of Canada Day 2021 with a group of diverse frontline worker Canadians holding the Canada flag and wearing masks. In the forefront are Indigenous children representing the tragedy of the Canadian Residential School System.

When the backyard is your world
Submitted by Moumita Roychowdhury

When the backyard is your worldMedium: Ink and Watercolours

As an artist and instructor who finds joy in painting live and doing urban life sketching, life took a new turn for me when the pandemic hit. Isolated from friends, family and my students, I found comfort and respite in the virtual lessons that I taught sitting at my kitchen table. This painting is the view of my backyard when spring came after a very cold & lonely winter, done in two of my favourite media Ink and Watercolours. For a long time now, the backyard has been a great source of inspiration for me with its changing shades in every season.

Interested in purchasing prints of this piece? Please contact with your request. You can view more of my art on Facebook under Moumita's Brush Strokes and on instagram @moumita.dg and on my website MOUMITA ROYCHOWDHURY - Home (

Temporary Close
Submitted by Tania Denyer

Temporary CloseMedium: Fabric

This is the first piece of a series Tania is working on about the impact of COVID on businesses and communities. Tania is a fabric artist and illustrator in Hamilton, Ontario. 

During this past year I have been walking a lot, for physical and mental health. On my walks I have been interested in the handwritten signs in shop windows, signs that until recently we could not have imagined having to create. While they are often lettered by hand on paper, I wanted to record them in a more permanent manner (and because i am a history graduate from Laurier this is not really a big surprise). I am working on a second piece and have inspiration for many more.

Ode to Marmite
Submitted by Ama Liyanage 

Ode to MarmiteMedium: Linocut

Warm toast with a thin layer of marmite and copious amounts of butter has been one of my favorite comfort foods since childhood. Ode to Marmite was a way of memorializing the small comforts that I cherished during the pandemic. You can check out all my creative adventures from printmaking to watercolor on my Instagram @greyishteal 

Lunch with George
Submitted by Ama Liyanage 

Lunch with George PaintingMedium: Watercolor 

Urban sketching during the pandemic was a bit different this past year. The Urban Sketchers of KW met up to sketch whenever it was safe to do so but we mostly sketched from home or our cars. Sketching my cats during their naps became a fun little challenge. This is one of my two cats George napping in his basket on my desk. You can check out her urban sketches on my Instagram @greyishteal

Pioneer Tower, Kitchener
Submitted by Candace Leyland 

Pioneer TowerLike so many people, when Covid and lockdowns hit, the hustle of everyday life subsided. Art and creativity became a powerful and safe outlet.  

Covid restrictions on travel and activities encouraged me to seek out inspiration locally and explore Waterloo Region. I found so many beautiful trails and views and let them inspire my Artwork. 

My “View from Here” Submission was painted from a photo I took on a snowy walk in November of the Pioneer Memorial Tower in Kitchener. 

Interested in purchasing this piece? Prints are available by request. Contact Candace Leyland on Facebook or Instagram at @candiceleylandart

Downtown Galt - March 2021
Submitted by Paul Studiman | Flash Reel Media 

Downtown GaltThis aerial scene caught my eye while I was creating a drone video of Knox Presbyterian Church.

It was an absolutely gorgeous Saturday to be out flying, and being from Galt, it depicts how beautiful and stunning the downtown is from this uniquely captured hometown perspective.

Unforeseen circumstances from COVID and the pandemic has provided me opportunities to re-discover my Ontario roots, and share my creativity through images like this one. 

Interested in purchasing this piece? 10 x 8 signed prints (with a white border) of this photo are available for purchase, at $30/each. Contact Paul Studiman at or find him on Facebook or Instagram at @flashreelmedia. 

Ready for Flight
Submitted by Irene Thurston 
Ready for FlightAlmost a year has passed since Canadians were called home to hunker down.  Many are now getting restless for an adventure.  With spring in the air and vaccines coming our way, we can dream of flight.  “My soul is in the sky” Wm Shakespeare  
Summer and Winter
Submitted by Aoe Girard 

SummerInterested in purchasing these pieces? Contact Aoe Girard at or phone: 226-600-5620. You can also visit her website at

Inspired from the lifestyle that affected kids by the pandemic. The artworks are oil pastel on paper. The size of both picture is 9x12 inches










Flowers on Glass
Submitted by Alan MacMillan  
flowers on glassI was involved with a good friend installing a glass paneled deck railing. It turned out that the kit had two extra panels that could not be returned and were heading for the landfill. l thought maybe I could paint a picture of some sort on them. Because of the odd shape it took a while to come up with a idea that might work. This turned out to be long thin flowers such as gladiolus and delphiniums.
After the paintings were finished the way to hang them became worrisome  so l asked a friend for help and he came up with  the system as you can see and it works perfectly. 
Submitted by Janet Plantinga. Dundas, Ontario 
ReflectionThis painting is inspired by the beautiful Fall we had this year. The group I paint with on Tuesdays ( The Westover Artists) are not able to meet indoors because of Covid. We are able to  meet in a local park take pictures of the beauty around us, to paint safely at home. 
The Week Between Summer and Fall
Submitted by Janet Plantinga. Dundas, Ontario 
The Week Between Summer and FallWith Covid restricting so many aspects of our life right now, we were still able to get out and enjoy the wonderful Fall colours. A reminder that we live in a beautiful part of the world. Life will return to normal some day. 
Out of the Ashes
Submitted by Maria Isabel Sousa Rovers 

Out of the AshesInterested in purchasing this piece? Contact Maria at for pricing.

The painting represents all the fear, stressed, and unknown that COVID 19 brought.  When we were finally aloud outside, it was like coming out of the ashes. 

Best Friend
Submitted by Jean Stevens
Best FriendI think many more folks are working from home or staying home in 2020. If you’ve got a dog you’ll notice the roads and sidewalks are busy with pet owners out and about getting fresh air, exercise and a change of scenery by walking with their best friend. 
In Isolation Alone But Not Lonely
Submitted by Jean Stevens
Alone but not lonelyThe inspiration for my painting comes from sorting through pictures of the summers spent along the shores listening to wildlife and enjoying nature. We were once taught by painter Dorothy Harvey, the most important thing for a landscape painter was to look around at nature and really see your surroundings. These are lonely times for many folks in isolation, but the peace, beauty and quiet of nature reminds us we aren’t alone. 
Harvest Time
Submitted by Irene Thurston 
Harvest TimeOctober’s crops and colourful landscapes signal another change in season.  The warm weather but cool nights remind us to enjoy our outdoor activities, while we can.  Gathering leaves for composting and mulching, planting garlic and bulbs and collecting seeds for spring plantings are only a few of the ways to prepare for a harvest next year.  With a little planning and good luck, the view from here will look even better in 2021.
No Exit
Submitted by Robert K. Mason
No ExitThis painting is intended to show the dilemma being faced by people everywhere as they face this deadly virus with no apparent way to extricate themselves from this new world of isolation and remoteness from friends, family and the world as they once  knew it. 
Window Visit
Submitted by Marg Johnstone 
Window VisitWindow visit to our friend in Long Term Care. She died a few weeks after this. 
Death, Life and Peace During the Pandemic
Submitted by Rachel Brown 
Rachel Brown PhotographsI would like to submit the following photographs for consideration and inclusion in The View from Here.  Please note that they do not have to be used together, but are simply meant to provide a selection of the photographs I have been taking during this project.  I call them, "Death, Life and Peace During the Pandemic".

Throughout the pandemic, I have been visiting the Mount Hope Cemetery in Kitchener for solitude, and to quiet my mind. While some have said it is counterintuitive (who wants to be reminded of death during a pandemic?), I find such beauty in the artwork, history and greenspace there.  
I have noticed fewer people out and around, giving way to more wildlife.  These photographs are my attempt to capture the beauty, life and peace that I have found within this historical cemetery, in the midst of COVID-19.


















Rachel Brown PhotographsAs the pandemic has worn on, I have continued with photography for my Death, Life and Peace During the Pandemic project.  Although the seasons and colours have changed, the sentiment has not.  I have attached a few more recent photos from the series, from late summer and fall.

I have incorporated my photography into various pieces through my business, Spell Caster Designs.  If anyone is interested in buying or further discussing my work, they can message me through my business Facebook or Instagram accounts, at or


Lockdown 2021: The Darkness and The Light
Submitted by Rachel Brown 
Rachel Brown ArtThe artist, Rachel Brown, lives in Kitchener, Ontario, and has been using creative expression through a variety of media to document her feelings throughout the pandemic. This set of work, through pencil and paper, document the darkness brought on by the pandemic, and the hope presented through the arrival of the vaccine.

To view her other work, or to reach her, please go to Instagram, to either @spellcasterdesigns or @spellcasterphotography.


















Rachel Brown Art

Hope Springs Eternal
Submitted by Irene Thurston
Hope Springs EternalLooking out from the awakening gardens, it's refreshing to feel the warm breezes and hear the sounds of spring.  Bluebirds, indigo buntings and Baltimore Orioles cheer in the natural return of the season.  Somethings we can still count on. Time to plant our seeds of hope. Acrylic on canvas.
It's Only Broken Depending How You Look At It
Submitted by Vicky Abrams-Ogg
Photograph of BridgeMy birthday - a peaceful Grand River float with my husband. Greeted home at the Peel Street bridge by my eldest daughter, and awaiting breakfast tended by my youngest daughter. The celebration I thought I would have and the reality, beautiful in reflection. 
Not All Heroes Wear Capes
Submitted by Nancy Hainsworth
Not all Heroes Wear CapesI made this one for my husband (a nurse)
Self [Quarantined] Portrait
Submitted by Isaac Serif 
Self QuarantinedInspired by the cult classic “The Shining”, this piece aims to propel the feeling of anxiety, isolation, and boredom amid the pandemic. These feelings came about 3-4 weeks into the lockdown. During this time there were hardly any activities I found enjoyable. Having not worked on any productive/intellectual activities out of the house, it started to feel like I could no longer have peace of mind while confined to my walls. Times like this make it known how important it is to have breaks from the breaks...
Courage in the Eye of the Storm
Submitted by Carol Folino
Courage in the Eye of the StormThis work is my latest painting completed in April, 2020. It honours a medical professional named Eleonora from Pesaro, Italy.  She is represented in the upper left of the painting. Special thanks to @Alberto_Giuliani for giving me permission to use his photograph of Eleonora that I used as inspiration for this one image in my piece. Giuliani is an Italian photographer who took photographs of doctors and nurses at San Salvatore Hospital in Pesaro, Italy. I was drawn to these honest and soulful photographs that show the deep imprints of the protective equipment these workers wear for up to 12 hours a day. They cannot take off the protective equipment to get a drink of water or even go to the bathroom for fear of impairing the effectiveness of the equipment. My husband’s family is from Italy so I was particularly invested in capturing the crisis the coronavirus has brought to this country. The figure (an original) under the wave is a symbol of all nurses who are putting themselves at risk every time they go to work during this pandemic. She is embracing, comforting and mourning for the whole of Italy who has been hard hit by the Covd-19 pandemic.  The approaching wave that is about to engulf them is a symbol of the pandemic itself:  unrelenting. If you would like more information about the piece or my art, please don't hesitate to contact me or take a look at my
other artwork on Instagram @carolfolinoart.
Submitted by Ian Paul Albert
LimitationsI am a visual artist and street photographer now currently living in Stratford Ontario. But KW was home that started my addiction for street photography. This photograph was inspired by the 'Limitations' of our outdoor activities during this scary period of time, we find ourself in. See more of my street photography @kwocphotography on Instagram.
Early Easter
Submitted by Lindsay Godfrey
Early EasterI’m a Personal Support Worker for the Region of Waterloo and I was very worried when all this started. I sent my kids away for a month in fear I would pick up the the disease at work and pass it onto them. I sent them to live with their aunt in Greeley, Ontario. We had to celebrate Easter together a month early as we would be apart, April 12, 2020.
View From Here
Submitted by Joe Lethbridge

View of riverInterested in purchasing this piece? Contact Joe at for pricing.

The View From Here can be relative. Physically for me, here is in Cambridge where I was born and have always lived. Here, mentally is where I am most comfortable during Covid19. I still take my daily walks with social distancing measures in place. My walks though not as frequent. In my view I miss seeing so many people, exchanging our usual hugs. For myself, photography is not solely one of my art forms. It is my way of communication and a tool for my mental health well being. On walks, I will stop on the Main Street Bridge and see storm clouds hover, than quickly rain down upon me, but I know in time, Covid19 will have been another passing storm, like others before it. 




Blue heronI will walk the path running along Melville Street to Concession Street and watch a great blue heron spying for fish just below McDougall Cottage, and oh how I miss going into the backyard of the cottage and getting closeup shots of flowers budding and in full bloom. I sit on the slope of the riverbank and sit awhile watching the heron. He is patient and aware. I too am keeping my patience and perhaps , like the heron, I am keeping my faith.

















jewelryI have returned to an arts and craft, I long ago set aside in boxes, that of jewellery making. Already close to eighty bracelets and necklaces. Perhaps when this is over, I will give some to essential service workers or residents at Queen's Square Retirement home, where almost daily I pass and wave, sometimes blowing air kisses just to see them smile, because seeing them smile makes me smile and that gives me hope. These are three photographs I have taken during Covid 19.

Concurrent Enigma
Submitted by Roslyn Ramsay 
enigmaView this video of Roslyn Ramsay's acrylic painting on canvas