Home Life - Photo Submissions

help us make historyClothes hangers have become custom mask drying racks
Anonymous, 2020









child at sink

New health protocols as more businesses re-open under Stage 3 restrictions
Noa Baergen, 2020











help us make history photoSocial distancing during Friday prayer at the Kitchener Masjid
Anonymous, 2020





help us make historyA six-year old’s birthday celebration during COVID-19
Kyle Smith, 2020










help us make historyContactless grocery delivery between family members
Kelly Smith, 2020











help us make historyAlischer family in front of a closed playground in Kitchener
Stephanie Garibaldi-Alischer, 2020







help us make historySignage at a Community Garden in Kitchener
Tracy Jasmins, 2020











help us make historyParking lot in front of Sonny’s Drive-In with curbside pickup measures in place, Waterloo
Lyssa Gagne, 2020







help us make historyBaking bread at home
Jennifer Huber, 2020











help us make historySocial Distancing while grocery shopping
Sean Jasmins, 2020







help us make historyHomemade Tic-Tac-Toe Set
Ashley Gooyers, 2020