Need a Speaker?

The Region of Waterloo Museums have a variety of presenters who can speak to your community group.  

Presenters and Topics

Bob Wildfong, Horticultural Specialist

Bob Wildfong is the Horticultural Teacher/Interpreter at the Doon Heritage Village, where he has tended the historic gardens and demonstrated local traditions of food, flowers, and herbs for 33 years. He is also a well-known seed collector, helping museums across Canada to preserve heritage garden plants through Seeds of Diversity Canada. Give us a call at 519-748-1914 or e-mail us at to book.

Garden History and Traditions in 1900-1914

Large home garden in front of a house45 minutes. 

Audience: gardeners, local history, food.
A visual tour through household gardens of the turn of the last century, highlighting the favourite flowers, fruits, and vegetables of the time.

Home Gardens in Waterloo 1895

Home garden45 minutes.

Audience: local history, gardeners.

Celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Waterloo Horticultural Society, learn how some of the leading figures in Waterloo’s history encouraged citizens to beautify their city.

Old Order Mennonite Gardens

Mennonite Garden45 minutes.

Audience: general, including high school.

To more fully appreciate the heritage of our Old Order Mennonite neighbours, we offer this glimpse into local traditions of their food, flowers, and herbs.

Ontario Garden and Landscape History in 1890-1910

Petersburg barn45 minutes.

Audience: gardeners, local history.

You can learn a lot about a people by looking at the gardens and landscapes they create. A social history of turn-of-the-century Ontario through photos and records of gardens, farms, and parks of the time.

Cold Frames Past and Present

Cold Frames against a house30 minutes.

Audience: gardeners.

Three-season gardening on a budget has always been in style. Learn how gardeners extended their growing season a hundred years ago, and how you can copy (and maybe improve) their techniques at home.

Pollinator Friendly Gardening

butterfly on a flower30-45 minutes as requested.

Audience: gardeners.

Learn how your friendly local pollinators help your plants to grow, and how you can help them in return.

Bee Pollinator Friendly 
bee on flower

15-45 minutes as requested.

Audience: general, adult, high school, middle school.

Science, nature, food, and stories combine to reveal a secret world of helpful insects that we depend upon, but often overlook. Find out who they are, what they do, and how to keep them healthy. 

Historic Tea Time

tea leaf plant30 minutes.

Audience: general, history, food.

You will never think of the humble tea bag the same way again, after learning about the ancient history and traditions of this most auspicious of beverages. For people of every nation throughout history a thousand flavours of tea – green, black, and herbal – have been a daily ritual.

Stacy McLennan, Collections Curator and Registrar

Stacy McLennan is the Collections Curator & Registrar for the Region of Waterloo Museums, a position she has held for the past 13 years. Prior to employment with the Region, Stacy worked with collections at various heritage institutions across the country. As part of her position, Stacy researches the history and use of the various artifacts in the collection as well as conducting research for in-house exhibits. Give us a call at 519-748-1914 or e-mail us at to book.

She Brews Good Ale – A History of Women in the Brewing Industry

Black and white photo of a woman holding beer30 to 40 minutes;

General adult audience

From ancient times to today, women have played a vital role in the brewing industry. Learn more about brewsters and why we have women to thank for beer!

History on Tap: Brewing in Waterloo Region

Black and white photo of people serving beer30 to 40 minutes;

General adult audience

Huether, Carling, Blue Top, and Brick are just a few of the breweries that have operated in Waterloo Region. Find out more about the history of these breweries and beer itself.

Trailblazing: Women in Canada since 1867

Black and white photo of women smiling on a bridge30 to 40 minutes;

General adult audience

Canadian women have a unique and interesting history within our country. Learn more about trailblazers in specific fields. Hear stories of strength and perseverance. Discover a new role model.

Artifact Trivia

metal artifact30 to 40 minutes;

General adult audience
Put your thinking caps on! See if you know what these weird and wacky artifacts from our collection are and how they were used. Bragging rights only for the winner.

Schneider Haus Digging into History Series

Schneider Haus National Historic Site is pleased to offer presenters who can speak to your group.  Want to book? Email us at to book.

More Than Just Schmecks Appeal 

Edna StaeblerIn More Than Just Schmecks Appeal, we take a look at the fascinating 100 year life of local author Edna Staebler, how she got her start in creative nonfiction writing, and her successful series of Mennonite cookbooks that established her as a household name in the Region of Waterloo and beyond.

Digging into History 
schneiders in the gardenIn Digging into History, we ‘uproot’ the stories and memories of historic gardens across the Region of Waterloo. We look at how historic gardens have functioned in heritage settings, such as Schneider Haus, as well as the histories behind some of our more contemporary plots within the Region, like the beautiful Rockway Gardens. 
Past Times 
Black and white photo of PickwickIn Past Times we take a nostalgic look at the games and leisure activities that have been popular within the Region of Waterloo throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. We’ll visit the histories of favourite gathering places such as Victoria Park and Chicopee Ski Hill, local theatres and drive-ins, and even explore Schneider Haus’ own recreational past.