Honouring people who make a difference! The Waterloo Region Hall of Fame is located on the second floor of the Ken Seiling Waterloo Region Museum.

We honour individuals and organizations - now numbering more than 500 - for their significant contributions to the community. 

The Waterloo Region Hall of Fame grew out of a proposal in 1965 to establish a local Sports Hall of Fame in Kitchener. Prior to its opening in 1972, the Hall of Fame concept was expanded to include community builders. The Hall of Fame is overseen by a Board of Governors with representation from across Waterloo Region.

The Waterloo Region Hall of Fame thanks the Ken Seiling Waterloo Region Museum and the Kitchener Sports Association for their ongoing financial assistance and support.

Nomination Information

The Waterloo Region Hall of Fame honours people in our community who make a difference! If you would like to nominate someone download the Hall of Fame Nomination Form and follow the instructions in the form.

Nominations for new inductees are accepted throughout the year. Note there is a July 1 deadline for nominations to be considered for the following year.

Tips on How to Write a Quality Nomination

Induction into the Waterloo Region Hall of Fame is reserved for those individuals and groups who have demonstrated exemplary levels of achievement in their line of work, sports and in their service to the community, either locally, provincially, nationally or internationally. 

The key to a well-written nomination is to provide specific, concise information that clearly demonstrates the nominee's achievements and service. What makes them stand out compared to others in their peer group? Why do they deserve to be recognized with this honour? The information provided on the nomination may be the only information the Selection Committee has on which to make a judgement of eligibility. As the nominator, you play a critical role in the process and thorough explanations are of key importance. 

Use the following tips/strategies to guide you: 

  • Read the nomination form carefully and organize your thoughts before you begin.
  • Be sure to answer all the questions as precisely as you can. Bullet points are fine and can help your points stand out.
  • Consider having a second person who knows the nominee assist you or proof-read your draft. Two sets of eyes are better than one. Such a person may catch things you have omitted.
  • Be as concise as you can. Avoid sweeping generalizations. Support your points with concrete examples to illustrate. Make every sentence count.
  • How do the achievements of your nominee stand out from others. What makes them special? Would your nominee's name be recognized beyond this community?
  • Describe how the individual or group has made a difference, not just through professional achievements but also through personal actions. How have these actions made a difference in the community and beyond? Provide specific examples.
  • If the nominee is an individual, what leadership positions have they assumed within their organization, profession, the community, sports and beyond? 
  • Note any significant awards they have won or offices they have held.
  • Be sure to answer all questions. The nomination must be fully completed to be considered. Keep it simple. Do not ramble. Make the points that distinguish this nominee from others.
  • Your nomination should NOT be an extended resume/job description, a list of educational achievements, appointments, posts or awards. Why are they outstanding? 

Up to two testimonial letters can be solicited to support the nomination. Ask the authors of these letters to illustrate different perspectives on the nominee. Be sure that the letters address the nominee's merits for this honour. Newspaper articles may be attached to supplement the nomination if they provide useful additional information. 

Applications that are deemed incomplete will be returned to the nominator requesting more information. 

A nomination is considered for up to three years. If it has not been successful after that time it is no longer considered. A new nomination of the same nominee may be made. If so, it is suggested that it be revised and have new information added. Again, the assistance of another person may be helpful. 

Thank you for considering making a nomination to the Waterloo Region Hall of Fame.


If you need assistance completing research on your nominee, please ask.  We can recommend several archives that may have resources that will help you.  You will also find a list of local archives listed at the bottom of this page under Local Heritage Resources.   

Nominations are accepted throughout the year. Note there is a July 1 deadline for nominations to be considered for the following year.

Tips for Submitting a Nomination 

  • Typed nominations are preferred
  • We require sufficient information to evaluate the individual's contributions, and usually this requires supplying information in addition to the nomination form. Please limit additional research and support information to six letter-sized pages.
  • Letters of support from others are not required.

Waterloo Region Hall of Fame Board of Governors 

  • Alison Jackson, Chair
  • Neil "Bernie" Burnett
  • Rick Chambers
  • Brian Fedy
  • Larry Lynch
  • Larry Margetts
  • Marilyn Scott
  • Warren Stauch
  • Kathryn Tarrant
  • Erica Tucker

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