War memorial

The Ken Seiling Waterloo Region Museum joins all Canadians in recognizing the sacrifices and achievements of the men and women who have served in the cause of peace and freedom around the world.

A memorial with a Virtual Video List of War Dead containing the names of all those from Waterloo County / Region who have given their lives for their country is located on the mezzanine level of the Ken Seiling Waterloo Region Museum. This list of war dead is also available in a touch-screen interactive in the Waterloo Region Hall of Fame.  

Kitchener Public Library collection of photographs  of Waterloo Region men and women who proudly served our region and country during the Great War of 1914-1918 and the Second World War of 1939-1945.

List of War Dead from Waterloo Region

Boer War 1899-1902

Sgt Perry John Campbell

World War I 1914-1918
Pte Adams Wm F
Pte Aikens JW
Capt Albright Solon
Pte Anderson JD
Pte Appleyard Wm B
Sgt Babbs Geo
Pte Bagg AF
Pte Bailey SM
Pte Bain D
Pte Baird Jas C
Pte Baker GL
Pte Ball S
Pte Barbour J
Pte Barker Geo C
Cpl Barnes RG
Pte Barnes RJ
Pte Barnett FA
Sgt Bartleman S
Pte Batters GS
Lieut Bauer WR
Lieut Beaumont GJ
Pte Bell Geo 
Pte Bell Pat J
L-Cpl Bell RP MM

Pte Bellamy
Pte Bender L
Pte Bevan J A
Pte Birch J
Sgt Bird E
Pte Birley C G
Pte Bish H G
Pte Bishop A
Pte Bissett J Mc
L-Cpl Bittle N R
Pte Blacklock F A
Cpl Blackburn F
Pte Bonfonti A
Pte Boundy F R
Lieut Bourne H H
Pte Bowie W
Major Bowlby G H
Cpl Brade H Chas
Pte Bradley Geo 
Pte Brandon J
Pte Bratt F J
Pte Bratton F
Lieut Bray H E
Capt Bricker G G
Pte Brigdon J E
Lieut Briscoe R D
Pte Bristow E F
Pte Brown Arthur
Pte Brown Emerson K
Cpl Brown Frank R
Pte Brown Philip
Pte Brown Robt C
Spr Brubacher L
L-Cpl Buller G R
Gnr Bullock H L
Pte Burgess H G
Pte Burke Wm
Pte Bursey A C
Pte Burtch J W
Pte Bushnell A W MM
Pte Butcher A E
Pte Cairnes E
Capt Call Geo W
Bugler Callan E
Cpl Cameron E D
Lieut Campbell J J MC
Pte Canning R
Pte Capling M L
Pte Carey Chas E
L-Cpl Carpenter J
Pte Carrol J
Pte  Carthew Charles I
Pte Carthy Eric
Pte Carthy Percy
Pte Cassady T A
Sgt Cater A F
Pte Broadwell J E

Pte Cater A L

Lieut Cavers J P
Sgt Chalk J
Pte Chalmers J
Gnr Chapman R J
Pte Charlton J C
Sgt Chatten C W
Pte Chipchase E
Pte Clara T
L-Cpl Clark John
Pte Clark J C
Pte Clark Wm
Lieut Clarke C V
Lt-Col Clarke J D
Pte Clay N C
Cpl Cleave H
Sig Clemens L P
Lieut Clemens W E
Pte Clemens W H
Gnr Clement D W
Lieut Colquhoun F
Pte Connolly B
Pte Conrad F
Pte Cooper F A
Pte Coplestone R A
Spr Corbett H
Pte Cornell M
Pte Coulthard W B
Gnr Cornwall C J
Pte Cowell J J
Pte Craig Geo
Pte Craik Jas H
Pte Crawford A
Cpl Crawford L
Pte Crichton R
Pte Chrichton Wm
L-Cpl Critcher FT
L-Cpl Crossen T
Pte Dahmer E
Pte Daniells C T
Pte Daniel R
Pte Davis G E J
Pte Davis Jas E
Pte Davis Wm G
Pte Deadman W L
Pte Deal A E
Pte Dedman F J
Cpl Dedman O
Pte Delion H A C
L-Cpl Dennison R E
L-Cpl Desmond D J MM
Pte Dewar J T
Pte Diefenbacher I
Pte Dingwall H A
Gnr Douglas J J
Pte Drew A H
Pte Drinkwater H
Pte Dryden W D
Pte Dudley H
Pte Duncan J
Pte Durward W J
Pte Dyer Robert Wm
Gnr Eaton E L
Pte Eby A R
L-Cpl Eby Elgin
Lieut Elsley L
Pte English Wm
Pte Ennis O
Pte Erback H
Pte Essery T R
Pte Evans Wm
Pte Fabian H A
Pte Fahrenkopf H
L-Cpl Fenner C
Pte Ferguson L
Pte Figuers H J
Lieut Fink Geo F
L-Cpl Fleming W C
Pte Flood Wm J
Pte Flockhart W L MM
Capt Flynn J
Pte Foot A
Pte Ford M M
Gnr Forler A J
Pte Frances J S
Pte Fraser Wm
Pte Friedman P E
Pte Fyle A
Pte Gahagan J E
Pte Gaskin F
Lieut Garden C S
Pte Gatehouse E
Pte Gates J M
Cpl Gehl J A
Pte Gibb J M
Pte Gerbig J
Pte Gibbard S
Sgt Gibson T
Pte Given R A
Pte Goebel G R
Pte Goodare JH
Pte Gorman J
Pte Gothorpe P O
Pte Goudy R A
Pte Gough S
Gnr Grant R
Lieut Gray R M M MC
Pte Gray Wm
Capt Green C C
Gnr Grill N
Pte Grosz Adam H
Pte Grosz H S
Pte Grove F H
Cpl Hackett J
Pte Haddadway H G
Sgt Hadfield V G
Seaman Haiskell Wm
Pte Hale Ed
Pte Hale Roy MM
Pte Hall A M
Pte Hall Edward
Lieut Hall F L
Pte Hamer J
Pte Hamilton S
Pte Hamm A
L-Cpl Hanning C H
Pte Harkey G
Cpl Hartley G
Pte Harley Wm H
Pte Harnack Wm
L-Cpl Haskell Chas
Cpl Haskins Wm H
L-Cpl Haskell Chas
Cpl Haskins Wm H
Pte Hatchman P J
Pte Hatfield A
Pte Hawkins A
Pte Hawkins Wm
Pte Hedges H
Pte Henderson W S
S Maj Herriott J R
L-Cpl Hewitt A S
Sgt Hill Wm A
Sgt Hobson F VC
Pte Hodgson H H
Pte Hodkinson Wm
Sgt Honey S L VC, DCM, MM
Pte Housler A P
L-Cpl Hoyland Chs
Pte Hudson H
Pte Hughes J
Pte Hummel V
Pte Ingham R
L-Cpl Jansen P
Sgt Jardine JJ
Cpl Jarman W T
Pte Jeffs J R
Lieut Jenner
Lieut Johnston L C
Pte Johnston Wm
Pte Kasker E
Pte Keefe A
Pte Keffer E R
Pte Keffer F M
Pte Keith Jas
Lieut Kennedy H
Gnr King L C
Pte Kitchen J G
Pte Knechtel G

Cpl Knellar R F
Cpl Knight Wm
Pte Kuehner E
Pioneer Lambden E
Pte Lamka C E
L-Cpl Lanning H A
Pte Lanning R E
Pte Larder V A
Pte Laschinger W
Pte Lavender B
Pte Lavery E C
Pte Lawrason S
Pte Lawrence Geo
Pte Lawrence T

Pte Lawson H
Pte Lee Frank W
Pte Lee John
Sgt Lee S J
Pte Leith Jas
Pte Lingham H S
Pte Lisimer F
Capt Lockhart T D
Pte Lodker H J
Pte Longhurst T A
Pte Lossing Geo W
Pte Lowry P
Pte Luck H
Pte Lumb H
Pte Lyons T R
Pte McCallum Jas
Pte McCaw S
Pte McConnell Herbert
Pte McConnell J F
Pte McConnell Wm
Pte McDonald A
Pte McDougall R
Cpl McGillawee R
Pte McGrath W C
Pte McIntosh R G
Nursing Sister McKay E V
Pte McKechnie P
Cpl McLelland A J
Cpl McMaster J T
Pte McMeekin R W
Pte McNichol A
Pte McNichol Jas
Pte Maley J
Gnr Mann Duncan C
Gnr Mann Edward A
Pte Markle N A
Pte Markle Walter L
Sapper Marr O L
Pte Marshall Geo H
Pte Marshall H A
Pte Martin F J

Pte Marty I B

Gnr Matthews N G
Gnr Mead H
Pte Menary Wm
Pte Merner A E
Pte Messett R
Cpl Middlemiss R
Pte Millard G W
Lieut Miller A
QMS Mills Chas F
Pte Monck E R
Pte Moody Wm S
Pte Moore Jas
Cpl Morrell H L
Gnr Morris E
Pte Morris H F
Pte Morris Wm
Pte Moyer L
Pte Mulholland H A
Pte Munn H P
Pte Murr F H
Lieut Needs C R
Pte Neill T
Pte Nelson P
Pte Newlands H
Pte Nicholls J
Driver Norman A L
Sgt Nuttal J

Pte Oldfield N
Pte Oliver A S
Pte Orayek J
Pte Osborne A E
Lieut Osborne Donald S
Pte Palmer F B
Pte Page S
Cpl Panabaker W C
Pte Parker L E
Pte Parker Wm J
Pte Pattinson J L
Pte Pawson C
Pte Paye H(Rev)
Pte Pequegnat E
Pte Percival
Pte Perkins Wm
Pte Perry W M
Pte Philip W D
Sgt Ploethner W C
Cpl Potts Geo C
Pte Potts Jas G
Sapper Powell Chas E
Pte Pratt Cecil
Capt Pratt Wm J
Sgt Prentice Geo
Pte Purdon Geo R
Pte Raines Geo T
Major Ratz J H
Pte Reed Jas C
Hon-Col Reid R

Lieut Reid Jas C
Pte Reid Wm I
Pte Riddell R A
Sgt-Major Ridley S DCM
Pte Riley Chas H
Pte Roadhouse G D
Pte Roberts H S
L-Cpl Robertson A B
Sgt-Major Robertson Wm
Pte Roesch H
Pte Rogers R W
Pte Rogers Stanley
Driver Rosenberger N
Capt Rounds H C
Sgt Rowe E J
Sapper Rudow A
Pte Rutherford H
Pte Sandford R F
Pte Schierholz W C
Pte Schmitt G K
Gnr Schreiter S W
Pte Schuler T
Pte Scott C A
Trooper Sears R
Pte Shanks J B
Pte Sheppard L MM
Pte Shuyler T
Pte Sidney Geo
Pte Sigsworth A A
Pte Sights C
Pte Silson G
L-Cpl Simmers A E
Gnr Simon H C
Pte Simon Otto Jas
QMS Simpson Hugh
Pte Simpson John
Pte Sims J
L-Cpl Skipton H
Pte Skuse R
L-Cpl Smeed T S
Pte Smith Andrew MM
Pte Smith Henry A
Sgt Smith L S
Pte Smith Rex
Pte Smith Robert
Sgt Smith Stanley L
Pte Smith Walter H
Pte Smith William
Pte Smith William H
L-Cpl Snedd J
Lieut Snyder F C H
Lieut Snyder Lorne
Pte Soper O
Pte Sosnowski F J
Pte Spahr J E
Sgt Spooner J E
Sgt Stauffer G H
Lieut Stauffer Jos E
Pte Steckenreiter L P
Pte Stephens J C
Pte Stevenson N
Pte Stewart Jas
Pte Stewart R M
Pte Stier N
Lieut Stokes C
Pte Stoneman H
Pte Strauch J
Pte Strub Geo A
Sgt Stubbs Alex
Pte Stubbs John R
L-Cpl Stuebing C
Pte Stumph H
Pte Styles A G
Pte Sullivan J E
Pte Supp Wm
Pte Sutton J E
Pte Sykes S
Pte Sweeney H
Pte Tanner R C
Pte Teggin E
Pte Teroe A
Pte Thomas Ivan H
Pte Thomas Jos
L-Cpl Thomas Stanley
Pte Thompson H
Pte Thompson P
Pte Thorn F G
Pte Tones J S P
Pte Treusch H
Pte Triller J S
Lieut Turnbull O
Pte Turner Arthur
Pte Turner Percy Gordon
Pte Turner W E
Pte Uffelman S
Pte Underwood C
Pte VanAudenarde P
Pte Viges A
Pte Voelker Harold
Pte Von Ende L C
Pte Waddell J E
Pte Wade A H
Pte Wadsworth J MM
Pte Wafer T
Pte Walker Clinton
Pte Walker John W
Pte Walker W H
Pte Walley Percy
Pte Ward F J
Gnr Waring J A
Pte Warner Chas
Lieut Warren I
Lieut Washburn R
L-Cpl Watson R J
Sgt-Major Watts E
Lieut Weaver R L M C
Sapper Weir R
Capt Welland J E
Lieut Whitaker H
Pte White Arthur
Pte White Arthur H
Pte White Herb W
Pte White Jas A
Pte White Jas H
Sig White Thos H
Pte Whittaker Wm J
Pte Whyte O O
Pte Wiese H
Gnr Wilkins Wm
Pte Wilkinson N
Pte Williams Dick
Pte Williams G L
Lieut Williams Russel Croix de Guerre
Pte Willis Jas
Sgt Wilson A
Pte Wilson John R
Cpl Woodward B
Pte Worden J W
Pte Wray E C
Pte Wyatt Geo C
Pte Wylie R
Pte Yarrow J
Pte Zapfe A J
Pte Ziegler M F

World War II 1939-1945
Pte Alexander T W
Sgt Agnew A
PO Aljoe L R
Major Allen Frederick Scott
Pte Allen Raymond J
Pte Alles C
Pte Amos Wm E
Sgt Amstein N
Sgt-Pilot Anderson Gordon
Cpl Anderson John L
Pte Anderson Leonard M
FO Anderson Robert J
Pte Anger C L
PO Appel H J
Cpl Armstrong R L
Pte Atkins E L
Pte Atkinson A E
Sgt Attwater L G
Cpl Attwood W
Pte Aust R
Merchant Marine Bach E
L-Cpl Bailey David
Pte Bailey Louis W
Lieut Baird James R
Pte Baker Bernard Alvin
Pte Baker Russell G
Pte Ballantyne A
L-Cpl Banks J R
Cpl Barley P
Pte Bates S
Sgt Battler R O
Flt-Sgt Bauer W F
Rfmn Bean Edward
Capt Bean William M
Pte Beange K A
Flt-Sgt Beaudoin H
Lieut Beaupre H E
Cpl Becker J
Pte Bedard L L
Pte Beer T A
Pte Beitz S
Lieut Belanger H
L-Cpl Bell Isaac G
Pte Bell James
Pte Bendig H
Flt-Sgt Berges C
Capt Bier N
Pte Birkenshaw F
Pte Bishop D M
L-Cpl Blain W J
As Sgt Bard Francis
Pte Bard Thomas M
Pte Barker J W
Bleck G
FO Bleich J
FO Block D
Pte Boatman L
Pte Boltz W G
Pte Bonar J
Flt-Sgt Booty C H
Sgt Boppre G
Pte Borthwick O N
Pte Bowen C W
Sgt Bowman E
Pte Boychuk C
Sgt Boyer K
L-Cpl Bradshaw G
Flt-Sgt Braniff A
FO Breithaupt W R DFC
FO Brett H B
Sgt Brezina F
Lieut Briggs J S
FO Bringloe J
Pte Brooks Wm C
Pte Broome Wm H
Pte Brown David Chas
PO Brown James
Pte Brown James
FO Brown Marvin K
Pte Brox E
FO Brubaker DW
Pte Bruce RH M C
Pte Brunelle J
Pte Brush CO
Pte Buck Gordon R
Pte Buck Wm B
Lieut Buddell Wm
Cpl Budnick N
Pte Bulcroft S C
Pte Bull S E
PteBurkholder D R
Pte Burman W A
Pte Burns James J
Pte Burns James S
Sgt Burton Jack
Lieut Bussereau V
Pte Butters L S
Pte Bye L
Pte Byrnes J C
Pte Cachois W C
Gnr Calahan J

Cpl Campbell Donald A
Gnr Campbell D F
PO Campbell H
L-Cpl Canning R W
Pte Cartledge A J W
Pte Carruthers Wm Jas
Pte Cassidy D
Sgt Cawthrope R D
L-Cpl Chamberlain M L
Pte Chambers H
Pte Chapman E
Pte Chartland Chas J
Pte Chattaway B W
Flt-Sgt Chester Wm R
Capt Childs E M
Pte Chippior F F
Capt Chrestiansen O W
Lieut Chrysler J H
Sgt Clark F W
Tpr Class G
Pte Clow E A
Pte Clulow A
Pte Clutterbuck E
Sgt Coburn C G
Pte Cochran K
Pte Cockaday G
L-Bdr Collacott A A
Pte Collins Albert J
Cpl Collins Geoge David
Pte Collins Nicholas
Pte Coltman H jr
Pte Conacher D B
Sgt-Pilot Connell S
Cpl Conway Adam E
Pte Conway John G
Pte Conway Ronald P
FO Cooke M
Cpl Corbett T H
Corby Geo
Pte Coughlain W F
Pte Coulas A
Pte Cousineau W L
Pte Coverett R V
Capt Cowan David
Pte Cowan Wm Kent
Pte Cox W J
Lieut Coyston A R
Sigmn Crawford John D
Pte Crawford Thomas
FO Crawford V
Sgt Cruickshank G
Pte Cueman M
Sgt Cullaton A
Cpl Culligan C W
PO Cumming Chas G
Pte Cupsido A
Sgt Cybulski A J
WO Cyles W H
Lieut Cyr A
Sgt D'Arcis F L
Pte Dahmer John Wesley

Pte Dahmer Russell Geo
Davidson Howard W
Sgt-Pilot Davidson Maurice E
Cpl Davies W C
Cpl Davis L R
PO Day F
Pte Dean R
Pte Dear Geo C

Gnr Decaro G
Pte Dick D A
Sgt Dickson R A
Pte Dillon F M
Sgt Dingley E
Sgt Ditner H L
Pte Doan R
Flt-Sgt Doehn N C
Sgt Doggett H
Sgt Doherty P C
Sgt Dore T W
Rfmn Dorscht G J
Sgt-Pilot Dotzenroth H H
Pte Dowdy W E
Pte Downey R C
Pte Downing J C
Pte Dozois J H
Pte Drouillard R J
Sgt Drumm K W
Pte Drummond G M
Flt-Sgt Duench F A
Pte Dufton L E
Cpl Duncan A
L A C Dunphy B
Sgt Durrant A
Pte Dwyer A
PO Edwards M
Pte Eichendorf B
Sgt Eichler B W
Pte Eisener H G
L-Cpl Eisenmenger E L
Pte Elliot G
Sgt Elliott J D
PO Englert W E
Pte Epps L
Pte Erickson G B
PO Ernst J
Pte Esch E
Pte Esselment J C
Able-Seaman Evans J J
Flt-Sgt Evers O C
Sub-Lieut Fahrenholtz P
Pte Fallis W H
Pte Farrow A C
Flt-Sgt Feakes G
Pte Fediuk N
Cfn Fendley J E
Cpl Fennell G W
Major Ferguson John Alexander MC
Ferguson Hobert A
Ferguson Paul A
Tpr Ferguson Ian W
Pte Finch M L
Pte Fischer O
Pte Fisher A T
Pte Fisher E J
LAC Fleishman N
Flt-Sgt Fletcher D
Pte Flett P F
Sgt Ford Everett M
Sgt Ford Vernon F
Pte Foreman N
Rfmn Forrester T E
L-Cpl Foster S W
PO Fouse M
CSM Francis B R MM
Sgt Francis H E
Pte Fraiser A J
Pte Fraser E M
Pte Freeman H M
L-Cpl Fried K R
Pte Frizell R J
Pte Fuja C J
WO Fulcher R E
Cpl Fuller J E
Able-Smn Goal J
Cpl Gall A
Cpl Galloway BS
Pte Gallowich P
PettyO Gamble J
Pte Gangnier B J
Pte Gardham D
Pte Geddes CC
Pte Gehl F
Pte Gemmell Thomas E
Pte Gemmell Thomas Mitchell
Sigmn Gibson A
Pte Gilkinson H M
Sgt Glasser L
Pte Goldbeck C
Pte Good G W
Able-Smn Goreing F
Sgt Gorman J P
Cpl Gorsline R B
Sgt Goudy C H
L-Cpl Graham H B
Able-Smn Graham Earl
Flt-Sgt Grant J V
Cpl Granziol R A
Cpl Grauman E N
Pte Green W
Pte Gremm R
Pte Griffin Alfred H
Pte Griffin Roy H
Asst-Cook Grimm R J
Lieut Gross H J
PO Grundy D
Sgt Hackbart A
Pte Hagen Wm E
Cpl Haines K A
Pte Hall Arthur C
FO Hall Clifford
Cpl Hall David C
Flt-Lieut Hall Donald
Lieut Hall Grant
Pte Haller H
Pte Halverson K G
Bdr Hanson Geo
Pte Harden Wm R
Lieut Harding A R
Sgt Hare C W
Cpl Harfitt S G
Pte Harman G H
Harris Charles
Pte Harris Robert
WO Harris Walter
Pte Hartung Elmer
WO Hartung Geo W
Lieut Harvey J F
Pte Harvie A H
Pte Hass EP
Pte Hasson J D
Pte Hatts WH
Cpl Haycock WC
FO Hayes Allan
Flt-Sgt Hayes Russell D
Lieut Heard R
Pte Heather W
L-Sgt Hedley W L
Pte Heer R
Pte Heil J E
Pte Heimbuck J
LAC Heimrich J R
Sgt-Pilot Heinrich J
Pte Hendrickson E H
PO Hergott Gerald A
L-Cpl Hergott John
Sgt-Pilot Hergott W M
Pte Hertzberger D N
Pte Hickson R J
Pte High L
Lieut Hilborn D G
Pte Hilker F L
Sgt-Pilot Hill R R
Lieut Hillier R S
Pte Hillis H B
Tpr Himes E A
Pte Hoch G
Pte Hoffman L T
Pte Holbrook A
FO Holder J C
Pte Holloway H
FO Holmes P
FO Honderich John W
FO Honderich Robert W
Pte Hopf G
Pte Horsburgh J A
FO Hostettler W G
Pte Hough G
Pte Houghton D
Pte Houston W H
Sgt-Gnr Howard Donald W
Pte Howard Michael J
FO Hubble G H
Sgt Huffman C H
Able-Smn Hughes Donald W
Pte Hughes Harry J
Lieut Hughes Robert A
Pte Hulme W
Sgt Humeniski P
Pte Hunter Chas E
Pte Hunter Geo E
Pte Hussey H
Pte Hutcheson T A
Cpl Hynd A
Flt-Sgt Ineson A
Pte Ingham J V
Pte Irren J
Pte Irwen W W
Sgt Irwin V S
Lieut Isner D A
Spr Jack Kenneth
Flt-Sgt Jack Ross A
Lieut Jackson C
Cpl Jacques A L
Pte Jamieson W
Pte Janowski C
Pte Jantzi E
FO Jardine W
FO Jeanneret K G
Lieut Jeffers J N
Lieut Jenner J
Pte Jennings H
Sigmn Jinssen H
Pte Jones Brian
PO Jones Donald
PO Jones Geo M
Pte Jones Ernest G
Pte Johnson John Vernon
Sgt Johnson William E
Pte Jolly R E
Pte Jordan J A
Sgt Jutzki C
Pte Kalbfleisch H
Pte Dapron J
Pte Kaskovitch A
WO Kaufman Wm
Pte Kearney C H
Pte Kelleher J E
Kelly K
Major Kennedy Douglas P
Pte Kennedy Maynard
Major Kennedy Peter V
Pte Kerr J
Pte Kesselring F W
Cpl Kidd H P
Pte King C O
Lieut Kingsley A
Pte Kippen D R
FO Klapkew F J
Flt-Sgt Klementoski W J
Cpl Knetchel W
Rfm Koenig L
L-Cpl Kolapac H
Sgt Krulicki L
Lieut Kuhl A W
PO Kuntz W J
Pte Kurt W C
Tpr Lachepelle L
Pte Laceby D H
Cpl Lafarge R A
Pte LaFlamme M H
Pte Lamb R
Pte Lamka L W
Pte Lamson V
Pte Lane J H
Pte Lazenby H O
Pte Leasch D
Cpl Leavy A L
Pte Legue A D
L-Cpl Lehman Carl M
WO Lehman Frederick
Pte Leis W
Cpl Leslie L G
Pte Lewis Chas E
Pte Lewis Walter H
Sgt Lidstone R J
Pte Liftin H F
Pte Light J M
FO Lincoln T
Lindhorst R
Sgt Lintick R
FO Lippert J W
Pte Livingston R O
Pte Livingstone H
Pte Livock Earl B.
Sgt Livock R M
Pte Lodge G
Pte Logan N A
Pte Loker V E
PO Loney G
PO Lorenz Dennis
L-Cpl Losch R
Pte Lott F E
Pte Lotz L
Pte Loucks J A
Pte Lovell L A
Pte Lowell S E
Sgt-Pilot Lowe G D
Gnr Ludwig R F
PO Lorenz Douglas
Pte Lumley K A
Lunn F
Flt-Sgt MacDonald A R
FO MacDonald Lorne A
PO MacDonell J
FO MacIntosh Donald
Cpl MacIntosh Orbie
FO MacKay G I
Flt-Lieut MacPherson W N
Pte Mahar J R
FO Mahler L H
Cpl Manson B S
Pte Mardon K L
Pte Marston E
Cpl Martin Donald C
Pte Martin John E
Pte Martin Sidney
Lieut Martin Wm J
Pte Mason A
Sgt Masterson K H
Pte Mastine R E
PO Mathews R H
Lieut Mayne J G
Pte Maziarz J
Pte McArthur K C
Pte McCaffery H
Sgt-Obs McCammon S J
Pte McCaw G K
Lieut McCormick R J
FO McCrea J A
C S M McDonald Donald Croix de Guerre & Blg
Lieut McDonald Geo O M C
C S M McDonald John M
Cpl McDonald Norman S
Pte McDougall D
Pte McDowell D H
Pte McEachern J
Sgt McEwen J A
Pte McFarland J
Sgt McFarlane
PO McGrath K
Pte McIlvinney F J
WO McIntosh C D
L-Cpl McIntyre B
PO McKay D
Pte McLaughlin B
Pte McMaster D H
Cpl McQueen W S
Pte McVicar H
Pte Melville A
Sgt Metz D

Pte Meyer Arthur
Gnr Meyer Edwin
Pte Meyer Victor
PO Miller Allan
Pte Miller Everett W
Pte Miller Roy S
Pte Miller Wilfred
Cpl Milne Donald
Sapper Milne Robert
Lieut Milner J
L-Cpl Mitchell E
Pte Moffatt D T
L-Cpl Mohlman Douglas E
Pte Mohlman Robert
FO Montgomery K
L-Cpl Morrison Frank T
Pte Morrison Norman
Rfm Mortimer J L
Sgt-Gnr Moss V
PO Mosser Andrew
Merchant Marine Mosser Leonard
PO Mosser Robert
Gnr Mueller A J
Sgt Muir G A
Sgt-Pilot Munch G W
FO Murray T R
PO Musser J V
Tpr Napolean H
Sub-Lieut Nash W L
Smn Neares W
Rmn Neely W E
FO Newlands E R
Cpl Newton B D
Pte Nicol W L
Sgt Nieznany A
Pte Noble E
Pte Nykolaishon W
L-Cpl Oakes E
Pte Oakley H
Cpl Oakley Wm G
Pte Ober E L
Pte O'Neil J
Pte Orr L J
PO Paige Franklin DFC
FO Paige Willard
Pte Paille G J
L-Cpl Pain J A
Pte Papineau R A
Pte Pare L J
Pte Parsons A
Pte Peets J F
Pepper J
FO Perkins George
Tpr Perkins Gordon
Sgt Peters P
FO Peterson O
Pte Petrozzi M A
Pte Pettie A J
Pte Philbrook J G
Pte Pittner J J
Sgt-Pilot Plate L
PO Pokryfka P
Capt Polzin C
Pte Poole J C
Pte Potter G A
Pte Price L T
Pte Priest D L
Pte Pritchett W L
Pte Prokop E
L-Cpl Purdy Gordon A
Pte Purdy Ivan
Pte Purdy Stephen F
Pte Quast E
Pte Raby A W
Pte Radtke C G
Sgt Rahn R H
Pte Rapacki S
Tpr Rau A
L-Sgt Rawson N
Pte Ray W J MM
Reain RW
Pte Rector A
Pte Reeve W H
FO Rekkopf W
Cpl Reiber W C
Pte Reiche JWG
Cpl Reid W J
Pte Reider L
Pte Reinhart A G
Tpr Remple M
Pte Renman H O
Sgt Rennie J GC
RSM Rhodes EC
Pte Richards R B
Spr Richardson Ralph F
WO Richardson Robert W
PO Richardson Wm
Pte Richinski J H
Cpl Richter E
PO Rickert Arthur E
PO Richert Harry E
C-F R A Riddell Lyle
Pte Rivait R
Pte Roberts John H
Pte Roberts Leslie T
Pte Robertson J
Lieut Robinson J P
Pte Rochejacquelin H
Cpl Romanoff J J
Pte Roscoe W
Flt-Sgt Rose J
Pte Roseman S
Pte Ross Donald A
Cpl Ross John K
Fus Roth L
AC Rozell S
Lieut Rumpel O H
Sgt-Pilot Ruppel E H
Pte Rutherford L W
Gnr Russ G V
Pte Ryan T J
L-Sgt Sager W F
Lieut St Onge R L
Pte Salmond J
L-Cpl Salmons A C
PO Saltzberry R A
Cpl Sanders N H
Pte Santa A
Pte Sauve A P
PO Schell L
Gnr Schiedel K
Flt-Sgt Schlegel K
Pte Schleuter H
Pte Schmidt Ernest
Pte Schmidt E J
PO Schmidt Kenneth L
Sgt Schmidt Lloyd
L-Cpl Schmitt H
Schnarr L
LAC Schnarr Roy
Pte Schroeder H
Pte Schumilas A F
Lieut Schwark H
Pte Schweitzer E
Cpl Schweitzer Stanley
Pte Scott Geo W
Cpl Scott Harry
Pte Scribe K
Capt Seagram P
Pte Sears H M
Pte Sebastian J P
Gnr Seitz D
Second Lieut Senior T H
Pte Shantz Daniel
FO Shantz Frederick
Pte Shantz Ivan R
Pte Shaw J H
Pte Shepherd J B
Pte Sherrer J M
Gnr Shingler G T
Pte Shipman W H
PO Shoemaker W DFC
Cpl Short Wm
FO Short Wm E
Pte Shrubsall HP
Major Sim G
Lieut Simms E M
Merchatn Marine Sinclair A
Pte Skinner R
Flt-Sgt Small L
Pte Smith Frederick A
Cpl Smith Kenneth
Smith Robert
Cpl Smith Russel
Pte Smith Sydney
Sigmn Smith Thomas
Cpl Smith Wellan A
Pte Snider W B
Capt Snelgrove L
Gnr Synder Burwell
Pte Snyder Clayton
Sqd-Ldr Snyder J
PO Snyder Paul E
Sgt Sole D
Soles D
Pte Southorn E
Sgt Spaetzel Harold E
FO Spaetzel John
Lieut Sparks C W
Pte Spicer A E
Pte Strafford C L
Pte Stahle R E
Pte Stanley A C
Capt Stark V
Pte Steadman L
PO Stecyk J M
Sgt Steele C F
Pte Stiefelmeyer J H
Sgt Stemmler L
Capt Stephenson JN
Pte Stevens Harold
Flt-Sgt Stevens Wm R
Capt Stewart Alex
Pte Stewart John
Pte Stewart Stanley C
Flt-Sgt Stoll J H
Pte Stratychuk S
Gnr Stricker H E
Pte Strickland W J
Rfmn Stride A
Pte Struthers G F
Pte Summerhays S J
Rfmn Sutton C D
Pte Sweitzer E
Pte Syko J H
Pte Sywyk A
Pte Tales James A
Pte Tales Lawrence W
Cpl Taylor Douglas A
Pte Taylor John R
Flt-Sgt Taylor Robert W
L-Cpl Teasdale G
Sgt Teather C H
PO Teevin R D
Pte Teichrobe I
Pte Tetrault R E
Pte Thatcher W T
Pte Thoms R W
L-Cpl Thomas Robert A
L-Cpl Thomas Geo
Lieut Thomson G
Pte Thornton W E
Flt-Sgt Thuslow W
Pte Toman B
Pte Torrance H D
Pte Trimble G D
BSM Troughton T
L-Cpl Tschirthart S
Cpl Tucker F
Pte Tutt C L
Sigmn Twining W J
Sigmn Underwood R
Sgt Unger J
Lieut Utman G D
Pte Vandevelde P
Pte Vandusen G F
Varley P
FO Veitch L E
Sgt Vietenheimer C
L A C Wagner E
Pte Wainright G W
Sgt Waldron W L
Cpl Walker D C W
Pte Ward K
Pte Warnholz J
Pte Washburn C
WO Weber H
Flt-Sgt Weicker Carl
Flt-Lieut Weicker William DFC & Bar
Pte Weiler R J
Sgt Weinstein R J
Cpl Weitzel F R
Sgt Weir B H
LAC Wellein R M
PO Weller R D
Sgt Werstine J
Cpl West O
PO Wettlaufer N H
Sgt-Pilot Whitaker D
Pte White C M
Pte Whitehead S
Pte Whitesel E G
Cpl Whyte L V
Pte Wigglesworth G G
WO Wildfong G
Sgt Wiley G C
FO Wilhelm E
Pte Wilkins B
Gnr Wilkinson H
Pte Wilks W H C
Pte Williams H J
Major Willis Eric
Pte Willis Percy L
Flt-Lieut Wills H A
Sgt Wilson Bernard J
Sgt Wilson Douglas J
Pte Wilson William
Flt-Lieut Wiltshire W D F M
Sigmn Wismer L
Pte Witherall B J
PO Withington D T
Pte Woefle L H
L-Cpl Woinski R C
Cpl Wolstenholme C
Cpl Wood Murray E
Pte Wood Ross J
Flt-Sgt Woolner R
L-Cpl Wray R
Pte Wright R S
Whalen J
Pte Yantz A H
Pte Young E R
Zaulauf F
Pte Zieman H C
Lieut Zimmerman B F

Korean War
Pte Buchan E C
Pte Jones D R
Cpl Ryan W
Gnr Thomspon D E