A jewel in the heart of downtown Cambridge

If the lush gardens, and beautiful murals could talk, they would tell you of the daily lives of the working families that called McDougall Cottage home. This welcoming 1858 granite and limestone cottage was built overlooking the beauty of the Grand River. The same wealth of natural resources, which brought Indigenous peoples to the Grand River, has been a magnet drawing settlers, industrialists, workers, and families for over a century. Together, they have shaped a vibrant natural, historic, and cultural landscape.

Nearly 165 years after being built, the charming cottage is an active hub for community events, with tours, special events, workshops, and more. Locals and visitors alike are welcomed to learn about the history of the cottage, interact with engaging exhibits, and peer out the window at the ever-evolving neighbourhood of the downtown Cambridge historic factory district. 

This is where people can connect with the diverse past, present, and future as history and daily life come together in an engaging community space.

McDougall Cottage recognizes the complex colonial history and will be working to engage in the inclusion of Indigenous narratives and stories through partnerships.

Side of McDougall

McDougall Garden

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