2020 Artist-in-Residence Sarah Godfrey

Sarah Godfrey is a hand embroidery artist, illustrator and designer based in Kitchener, Ontario. She is passionate about exploring colour and texture and draws much inspiration from nature and folklore. Her work focuses on reimagining traditional folk art practice and making use of recycled materials by upcycling clothing through embroidery as part of the sustainable fashion movement. Sarah’s work quickly gained a large online following which has lead to exciting international collaborations. She is also passionate about developing educational materials for other creatives and pursuing opportunities to teaching others through workshops and do-it-yourself resources.

Artist-in-Residence Program

The Folk Artist-in-Residence program supported the efforts of local artists and artisans working in traditional crafts and trades.

Sarah Godfrey

Past Artists

See below for a list of Folk Artists-in-Residence.

2019 Artist in Residence - Sophie Drouin - 

Sophie Drouins ArtSophie Drouin is the 2019 Artist-in-Residence at Schneider Haus National Historic Site. This exhibit showcases her beautiful works of mosaic art. Sophie, an internationally recognized practitioner of this ancient art form, received training in Canada, Italy, France and the United States.

In her mosaic work, she aspires to convey weightlessness and fluidity, and her pieces at times seeming to defy gravity. Her extensive use of many types of stones in particular allows her to play with textures and contrast as well as colour tones and hues

2018 Artist in Residence - Naomi Smith - Traditional Native Beadwork

Naomi SmithNaomi Smith is the 2018 Folk Artist-in-Residence for Schneider Haus National Historic Site. Naomi created an exhibit for Schneider Haus National Historic Site called Baggage - Carrying On Between Two Worlds.

Naomi is a Native Artisan and Educator from Neyaashiinigmiing, Ontario. Her First Nations heritage inspired a life-long interest in Native American beadwork, adornment and textiles. She is actively involved in educating others about the ways of the First Nations people of the Woodlands and Northeastern area, from a historical and contemporary perspective, often through the story of beads.

For 20 years Naomi has designed and created traditional Native Beadwork, Leather craft, Moose Hair Embroidery, Quill work, Sweetgrass or birch bark basket making and adornment, always valuing these Sacred materials throughout her creative process. The 2018 Artist-in-Residence exhibit supported by the Friends of Schneider Haus.

 2017 Artist in Residence - Douglas Morlock - Blacksmith

Fire and SteelDouglas Morlock is the 2017 Artist-in-Residence for Schneider Haus National Historic Site.

A blacksmith by trade, his Fire and Steel exhibit showcases the Blacksmith craft. The exhibit features historical artifacts from the Schneider Haus collection, and offers a look at the metal wares of Berlin/Kitchener. From practical pieces such as utensils and latches, to the ornate designs of Betty Lamps and heart-shaped trivets, craftsmanship is represented from this skilled trade.    

This exhibit is kindly supported by the Friends of Schneider Haus.

  • Philippe Elsworthy, Cabinetmaker, 1990
  • Elizabeth Eby, Fraktur Artist, 1991
  • Kathleen Bissett, Quilt Artist, 1992
  • Ian Bell, Musician, 1993
  • Chicki Mair, Spinner/Dyer, 1994
  • Peter Findlay, Woodcarver, 1995
  • David Robertson, Blacksmith, 1996
  • Daniel Kramer, Straw Worker, 1997
  • Barbara Fauth-Lange, Painter/Sculptor, 1998
  • Nancy-Lou Patterson, Artist/Writer, 1999
  • Ingrid Steiner, Cross-stitch Artist, 2000
  • Wesley Bates, Wood Engraver, 2001
  • Mary-Eileen McClear, Storyteller, 2002
  • Sally Melville, Knitter, 2003
  • Al Forler, Wildfowl Carver, 2004
  • Karen Wadsworth, Master Baker, 2005
  • Marilyn Gardiner, Beadwork Artist, 2007
  • Lori Norwood, Urban Repurposer, 2008
  • Rosemary Aicher, Ceramic Artist, 2009
  • Wendy Durfey, Basket Maker, 2010
  • Marlene Pomeroy, Contemporary Book Artist, 2011
  • Debbie Thompson-Wilson, Miniature Painter/Limner, 2012
  • Trevor Ewert and Sarah Granskou, Wood workers and Performers, 2013
  • Sue Firkser, Fibre Artist, 2014 
  • Laurie Spieker, Glass Artist, 2015
  • James Anthony Usas, Filmmaker, 2016
  • Douglas Morlock, Blacksmith, 2017 
  • Naomi Smith, Traditional Native Beadwork, 2018
  • Sophie Drouin, Stone Work, 2019