While Schneider Haus National Historic Site has previously focused on one year of the history of the site we are currently working on a long process of researching and working with community members to expand the narrative and accurately reflect the history of our site and its many untold stories. We welcome feedback from community members. If you have anything to share please contact us at schneiderhaus@regionofwaterloo.ca

The Haus

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The Outbuildings

Schneider Haus has 5 outbuildings and two historic gardens located on site. The Spring House, The Wash House, The Bake House, The Woodshed, and The Privy.

Wash House/Summer Kitchen

Wash HouseThe Wash House was used seasonally from spring through to fall for messier jobs that were best performed outside of the living space of the main house.

Spring House

spring houseThe Spring House was used to protect water sources in addition to providing early refrigeration methods.


The Bake/Smoke/Dry House

women poking at the fire in the oven of the bake houseThe Bake House has three components; The bake oven, the Schnitz House (used for dehydrating), and the smokehouse. This building has additional space in the rear that is utilized as a garden shed.