The Art of Paper Cutting, by Artist Mark Yungblut

On exhibit May 15 to September 6, 2021

Virtual Exhibit Live Now

papercutting sunsetExperience the artistry of Japanese paper cutting or (Kiri-e) in our new exhibit The Art of Paper Cutting featuring the work of Waterloo, Ontario Artist, Mark Yungblut. Featuring works created from pictures of his travels to Japan, this exhibit gives a glimpse into this intricate art form.

Artist Statement

"At its surface, the world seems to be a very simple place, made up of two polar opposites constantly interacting with one another to create different outcomes. However, for those who take the time to examine further, things become much more complicated and require a great deal more thought and reflection. With my artwork, the medium is very much the message. I utilize what at first seems to be a very simple method, papercutting, to create very detailed works that allow those who choose to take a closer look, the ability to see much more than meets the eye at first glance. Within the seemingly straightforward framework of cut paper, I aim to create pieces that convey the need to explore a deeper meaning with our surroundings, whether natural or human-made."

"Although I try to represent subject matter in a realistic fashion, the process of creating artwork necessarily involves a filtration of sorts. Each picture that I use as a framework for my art enters my mind through visual observation and re emerges as an outcome of physical labour. More than anything, each piece is a new product of this process of creation and as I enhance my technique, I gain a deeper understanding of both my capacity to improve and the structure of the subjects I’m portraying."

"Anything that I’ve ever chosen to represent in my artwork has been done so out of a respect for the power with which it affects me visually. Spending hours looking at any object and trying to understand the best way to render it into a work of art, creates a connection that cannot be duplicated in any other way. Papercutting is how I derive meaning from the world around me and because of this, I will always find motivation to continue creating new pieces."

About the Artist

MarkMark Yungblut has been creating art for the past fifteen years, and has had his paper cuttings and pencil drawings displayed in Japan, China, Toronto, Kitchener- Waterloo, and many other locations around Southern Ontario.  He began by drawing mostly Japanese castles and temples in pencil, and continued to do so until he was introduced to Yasuyuki Okamura in April 2004 during a trip to Japan.

Mr. Okamura is a kiri-e artist and teacher (kiri-e is a Japanese method of paper cutting), and taught Mark the basics of this art form.  Mark has continue to learn from Mr. Okamura during subsequent trips to Japan. For the past ten years Mark has been focusing mainly on kiri-e, and having been to Japan several times during that period, creates works from pictures that he has taken while there.  He also creates paper cuttings of Canadian architecture, wildlife, and other subject matter in custom orders.