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Ken Seiling Waterloo Region Museum Exhibits

Feature Gallery

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main galleryMain Gallery

What Makes Us Who We Are?

Our main gallery exhibit is called What Makes Us Who We Are? and traces the 12,000 year human history of Waterloo Region, from Indigenous peoples, to community settlement at the start of the 1800s, to the manufacturing heydays of the 1900s, to the high tech sector boom of recent years. 


Mezzanine Gallery

War Memorial 

War MemorialThe Waterloo Region Museum joins all Canadians in recognizing the sacrifices and achievements of the men and women who have served in the cause of peace and freedom around the world.


Waterloo Region Hall of Fame

The Waterloo Region Hall of Fame honours individuals and organizations - now numbering more than 400 - for their significant contributions to the community. 


Outdoor Gallery

Doon Heritage Village

Doon Heritage Village is a picturesque 60-acre living history village. Stroll back in time to the year 1914 and experience historic buildings, period dressed interpreters, and engaging activities for the whole family. Note the Village is currently closed for the season and reopens in May 2021.

Schneider Haus National Historic Site Exhibits

UN/COVERINGS - Mennonite & Muslim Women’s Heads and Hearts 

UN/Coverings Exhibit Photo from Schneider Haus

Why do Muslim head coverings cause such visceral reactions? Do Mennonite bonnets provoke the same response? And when the vast majority of both North American Mennonite and Muslim women don’t veil at all, why do these headcoverings receive so much (and such different) public attention? 

In reality Mennonite and Muslim women represent so much variation and contrast within and beyond their communities. Their stories and identities are as complex and creative as the clothes they wear.

If you think you know these women, just wait.

UN/COVERINGS turns stereotypes on their head.


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McDougall Cottage Historic Site Exhibits

HerStoryHerStory - A Woman's Life, 1850 to 1900

On exhibit until December 3, 2021

From interesting clothing and hygiene habits, to the struggle for work and political rights, what you learn about a woman's life might surprise you!