Past exhibit at Ken Seiling Waterloo Region Museum.

Arctic Voices takes visitors to the fascinating and changing world of the Arctic, through interactive and object-based exhibits and multimedia experiences. Visitors explore the Arctic through the sights, sounds, and voices of this beautiful and changing place. Discover the wildlife, marvel at the landscapes, and meet the people who call the Arctic home.

The Arctic may seem like a distant place, but it is deeply connected to the rest of the world. Human actions are causing rapid changes in the North, and understanding these changes is important for the future of the planet. Visitors explore the impact of changing climate in the Arctic through many “voices”, including the animals and plants that live there, the people who inhabit this region, and the scientists and others who are helping to reveal what makes this place so special.

The emblem of the Arctic has long been the majestic polar bear, but there is much more to the Arctic landscape and its wildlife for visitors to explore. The Arctic has terrestrial and marine ecosystems interdependent on one another, supporting both land and marine animals and plants, many of which are found nowhere else. People are an integral part of the Arctic; their traditions, cultures and livelihoods are deeply connected to the landscape around them. They are experiencing the direct impacts of climate change.

Arctic Voices is a production of Science North.

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