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Antoinette Duplessis - Head of Content and Experience, Schneider Haus
Tel: 519-575-4491 ext. 3249
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Emily Jolliffe - Head of Content and Experience, Ken Seiling Waterloo Region Museum
Tel: 519-748-1914 ext. 3878
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Julian Kingston - Manager, Region of Waterloo Museums
Tel: 519-748-1914 ext. 3270
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Lee Scheerer - Supervisor of Integrated Museum Operations
Tel: 519-748-1914 ext. 3685
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Michelle Bartlett - Head of Content and Experience, McDougall Cottage
Tel: 226-751-2159
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Artifact Donations and Conservation Questions

Roberta Sealy - Conservator
Tel: 519-748-1914 ext. 3267
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Stacy McLennan - Collection Curator and Registrar
Tel: 519-748-1914 ext. 3268
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Education and Public Programs 

Bob Wildfong - Teacher/Interpreter (Horticulture)
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Carolyn Blackstock - Teacher/Interpreter
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Clara Mitchell - Education Coordinator, Schneider Haus National Historic Site and McDougall Cottage Historic Site 
Email Clara Mitchell

Megan Crawford - Education Coordinator, Ken Seiling Waterloo Region Museum
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Sean Stoughton - Village Coordinator
Tel: 519-748-1914 ext. 3879 (Office) or 226-339-2097 (Cell)
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Guest Services

Omer Sheikh - Guest Services Representative (Ken Seiling Waterloo Region Museum)
Tel: 519-748-1914
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Philip Klassen-Rempel - Guest Services Representative (McDougall Cottage)
Tel: 519-624-8250
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Rebecca Smithers - Guest Services Representative (McDougall Cottage)
Tel: 519-624-8250
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Rose Mak - Guest Services Representative (Schneider Haus)
Tel: 519-742-7752 or 519-575-4400 x3245
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Integrated Museum Operations

Debbie Moxam - Coordinator of Volunteer Services 
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Jamie Perham - Event Coordinator
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Jeffrey Christie - Exhibit Installer
Tel: 519-748-1914 
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Jocelyn Tostik - Program Assistant
Tel: 519-748-1914 ext. 3264
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Patrick Cull - Exhibit Installer
Tel: 226-339-4913
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Philip Ower - Exhibit Design/Fabrication Coordinator 
Tel: 519-748-1914 ext. 3291 or 226-339-7352
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General Contact
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