Artificial Intelligence: Your Mind and the Machine opens at Ken Seiling Waterloo Region Museum

Posted On Thursday May 09, 2024

Artificial Intelligence: Your Mind & The Machine, the first travelling museum exhibition to focus on the reality and relevance of artificial intelligence (AI), is opening on May 10 at Ken Seiling Waterloo Region Museum. Designed to appeal to visitors of all ages, the exhibit presents the technology in easy-to-understand terms with accessible games and hands-on interactives.

Developed by The Relayer Group, Artificial Intelligence: Your Mind & The Machine provides visitors with a way to understand AI that is real and relevant, not mysterious or frightening. At the same time, it explores how technology may affect them, from self-driving cars to digital personal assistants.

Interactive elements of the exhibit include:

-        Computers that translate stories into different languages;

-        An intelligent piano player that helps make any person sound like a virtuoso;

-        An AI painter that creates real-time images of visitors in different classical art styles;

-        Applications that try to guess a visitor’s emotions and age;

-        Software that recognizes objects around it; and much more.

“Our involvement with artificial intelligence is rapidly advancing in Waterloo Region with more and more local organizations exploring AI solutions to some of our biggest challenges,” said Karen Redman, Chair of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo. “Exhibits like Artificial Intelligence: Your Mind & The Machine will give insight into the exciting ways our community and the world at large may use this technology as it continues to emerge.”

From illusions that fool computers to machines that can identify their surroundings and translate languages, this exhibit features dozens of ways that our brains and computers interact with the world.

“Artificial Intelligence is the single most important technology being developed today . . . by far,” says HP Newquist, exhibit director. “Every large company and every government in the world is developing AI. It is part of every conversation about the future of education, jobs, and consumer products. Yet very few people know what AI is or what it does. Our goal is to give every visitor an introduction to AI that helps them understand what the technology will mean to them.”

Artificial Intelligence: Your Mind & The Machine opens Friday, May 10 at the Ken Seiling Waterloo Region Museum.
Hours: Open Wednesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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