New travelling exhibition challenges perceptions of the Arctic

Posted On Thursday May 11, 2023

May 11, 2023

New travelling exhibition challenges perceptions of the Arctic

Waterloo Region – A scientific and cultural journey to the Arctic is the theme of a new travelling exhibition set to open on Friday, May 12 at the Ken Seiling Waterloo Region Museum.

The Arctic is a place of rapid change. Despite its seemingly remote location, the Arctic is connected to all of us. The new special exhibition Arctic Voices will take you on a journey to this fascinating and changing region.

Arctic Voices uses interactive experiences, photos, videos and real specimens to convey that the Arctic is more than just snow – it is land, water, and ice. It is home to people and a surprising diversity of wildlife. It is a place of rapid change being studied and monitored by scientists. Find out what affects the Arctic and in turn, how the Arctic has an impact on the planet.

"Our wonderful cultural institutions continue help engage and educate residents on topics critical to Waterloo Region, such as climate action,” said Regional Chair Karen Redman. “This exhibit is an opportunity to reflect on our relationship with the Arctic and our commitment to climate change through emissions reduction and our community’s TransformWR strategy.”

Arctic Voices will challenge your perception of the Arctic and introduce you to a colourful land that’s actually closer to your own backyard than you might think. Pounce, hop, push and crawl your way through animal life in the Arctic, and come face to face with a polar bear. Travel with scientists as they catch and tag Arctic whales, and then go on a “garden tour” to see how plants have adapted to survive and thrive in this harsh environment. Listen to stories from the people who inhabit this region, as they share their knowledge about the land and their unique culture. You can even try throat singing, a traditional art with modern applications.

Interactive element of the exhibition include:

  • Enjoy the beauty of Arctic whales in the Whales in the Arctic Theatre.
  • Play the Arctic Animal Adaptations multiplayer quiz and interpret animal behaviours.
  • Study real specimens in Bear Facts to compare the paws, claws, and jaws of the three North American bears.

Arctic Voices is produced by Science North, one of Canada’s largest and most respected science centres.

Arctic Voices, produced by Science North, explores the unique nature of the Earth’s Arctic region, the science being undertaken there, and how this region is an indicator of climate change on our planet. We are thrilled to see this informative and captivating exhibit being hosted by a fellow Ontarian organization,” states Ashley Larose MSc, Science North CEO. Arctic Voices is supported and funded in part by the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation and FedNor.

Arctic Voices opens Friday, May 12 at the Ken Seiling Waterloo Region Museum.
Hours: Open Wednesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

To learn more, visit our Arctic Voices page.